Bubbly Nursery

Bubbly Nursery has been a nursery providing for children with special needs for 2½ years, situated in Bellingham Green in the London Borough of Lewisham.

This is a nursery providing support and care for children who already have a diagnosis or children who do not have a diagnosis (children who have a speech delay, children who are not playing functionally compared to their peers are all welcome). Staff at Bubbly Nursery are highly trained for children who are struggling to reach their developmental milestones, supporting and encouraging them to reach or even go beyond these milestones.

The Nursery Manager Frances Begyinah is a registered general nurse and a registered health visitor who has worked in the NHS for over 25 years. Frances has mainly worked with children with complex needs throughout her career life and remains active with the Nursing and Medical Council.

We use a range of techniques in order to help these children reach their potential, for example; visuals and Makaton, intensive interaction, sensory play as well as exploring the 7 areas of learning. To further add to this we have specialist toys for; physical and muscle development, sensory development, social development and creative and intellectual development.

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Frances Begyinah

email: frances@bubblyspecialneedsnursery.co.uk

phone: 07954 952 406