The Portuguese Cellar

My name is Cristiane, I am the founder and director of The Portuguese Cellar.

I have a passion for travelling and I am enchanted by Portugal, its culture, nature, food and wines. I’ve spent the last ten years travelling the world, running global events and tasting international wines. My holidays always included visits to vineyards. Exploring new wines became such a hobby of mine, that I turned it into an educational venture and I completed the WSET Levels 1, 2, 3 courses.

I was always surprised to see very few Portuguese wine options in the UK and with that in mind, I founded The Portuguese Cellar. Portugal has more than 250 indigenous grape varieties and they make very unique and exquisite wines full of character and individuality. I hope to offer fellow wine lovers in the UK the chance to explore the undiscovered wine world that is Portugal.

The Portuguese Cellar delivers high quality Portuguese wines from the Alentejo region and give our customers a unique tasting experience.

The Portuguese Cellar has been growing at a rapid rate, we are committed to providing exceptional Portuguese wines at great prices to businesses and consumers in the UK.

Our wine collection has an incredible taste, character, and body, due to its heritage with Portugal’s indigenous grape varieties.

We are a Portuguese wine specialist, importing superior wines from these 3 renowned vineyards in Portugal – Herdade Grande, Quinta do Quetzal and Adega Mayor. We work closely with skilled and passionate winemakers to ensure quality in every drop.


Cristiane Picoli Harrison


phone: +44 (0) 20 8191 0107