What PiB members say about our network group

“I joined PiB as I’d initially tried one of their meetings and liked that it was a very supportive group. People were really encouraging of one another and genuinely seemed interested in networking like networking should be done – helping promote one another to a wider circle of contacts – and not just trying to see to one another. There seemed some great synergies and collaborations being formed and I wanted to be part of that business community. The group meets monthly and the format of having exclusivity means that you never have the worry of choosing someone over someone else. I know it’s a great group as I keep recommending it to friends who have businesses!”

Lauretta Wright, Luna Creative Media

“PiB Network is quite simply a great way for local small businesses to expand, meet like for like people, recommend others, and receive recommendations from them. I have been a member from the start, and now with Michelle’s amazing input it’s even better than before, so if you have a business and you want to earn more money and expand your network, just join!”

“I am very lucky to have been a member of PiB since almost the beginning! Invited by a friend, I went along out of politeness, as I’ve not enjoyed business networking in the past – it’s always felt rather pressured!

I soon found my home here at PiB, with a friendly group of business people who feel more like friends and colleagues, rather than pushy sales types!

Meetings are informal, yet informative! I learn something new about people and their businesses every time I go, which in turn has encouraged me to use many of my colleagues’ products and services.

The group is brilliantly run, well organized and superbly supportive, particularly so on the main social media platforms – much needed extra posts about each business under the PiB umbrella!

100% recommend PiB – 5 stars!!!”

Fran Flin, Flin’s Fitness

“I’ve been a member of PIB for a few years now, ever since I was first asked to write some content for the group. To get a sense of what they’re about I was invited to a meeting and was bowled over by the supportive environment. There was no hard sell, just a collaborative spirit. And everyone seemed warm and welcoming. And unlike other networking groups, the meetings are held at family friendly times. I recommend PiB to all my friends with a small business who like to make good local connections and share business knowledge.”

Kay Worboys, Kay + Kerry branding

“Why do we choose to be a part of PiB?

Point of View Glazing Ltd have been a member of PiB for circa 2½ years. As a family-run business wanting to make connections and as a business owner wanting to meet like-minded people that are on the same journey, this is the ideal networking group.

PiB is a friendly, all-inclusive networking group. When we attend the monthly meetings I have a sense of togetherness. We are all on our business journeys; we are all at different stages but we are all there to support each other.

With the relaxed atmosphere it allows us time to get to know each other before and after the meeting. We also have the opportunity to pitch to the room during the formal part, as well as reaching out to those who have the skills we require to enhance our own business.

The support does not stop there, outside of the meeting our business is shared on social media various times, monthly this could be as a focal point or promoting what we are doing. Furthermore we have a dedicated page on PiB’s purpose-built website.

And finally, we believe in community at Point of View; PiB also truly believe in being a part of the local community and together we are able to make a small difference.

That’s why we are a part of PiB.”

Rachael Gallagher, Point of View Glazing

“Being a member of PiB gives you the opportunity to build relationships and network with people who understand that starting your own business can be a daunting thought. I have found the friendship and knowledge simply amazing. I’m not sure I would be where I am today without their support.”

Christine McNamara, Gracious Care

“I can wholeheartedly recommend PiB network. I have been a member now for many years and over that time have found the group and support to be invaluable to my small business. It’s so much more than just a ‘business group’, it’s more like a small business community of like minded people, who meet in a relaxed setting and are a genuine support to each other. I have found the group and the exchange of ideas and experience to be incredibly supportive; Michelle and the group have really helped my business to flourish.”

Katie Mercer, The Hand Stitched Home